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Lorica Segmentata armor pattern Empty Lorica Segmentata armor pattern

Post  Izec on Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:32 pm

I've had a few people ask me about the pattern for the armor that the Bronze Hammer uses. We based ours on the ancient Roman armor called Lorica Segmentata. It was originally made out of steel and was mass produced for the Roman legions. It was made of a lot of bands and plates, I'm guessing so that they could be swapped out easily if they were damaged in battle. Keep in mind this armor was made to be very utilitarian and you'll need to customize the sizing to get the best fit.

I got the patterns online. The original Lorica Segmentata was made in steel and I just adapted the pattern to leather. First, read this page:

And within that page is this link for the patterns, I believe I used the Corbridge A pattern as the base: http://www.larp.com/legioxx/lorpat.html

But I think our armor is more closely based on the Newstead Segmentata (the difference comes in with the single back plate for the Newstead versus the multiple back plate Corbridge patterns). Here is a drawing of how the Newstead was constructed: http://www.legionxxiv.org/newsteadenlrg/

If you need more information then Google searches are your friend.

Also, helpful tip, before cutting up your leather/steel/whatever you will want to make a mock up of posterboard, cardboard, or sheet foam. This helps big time and reduces your chances for wasting valuable armor material if it doesn't fit right.


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