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6-6-09 video part 3 Empty 6-6-09 video part 3

Post  Izec on Thu Jun 11, 2009 7:08 pm

Hey everybody,

Here is part 3 of the fighting video we took on 6-6-09. I included the slo-mo on this one as it was a short video. I thought I would keep the sound on during the slow motion, too (I got a few chuckles out of that). As for the matches, I'll post my thoughts on them soon.

6-6-09 video part 3 Full

Oh, and apologies to those whose names I have either misspelled or gotten wrong completely.

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6-6-09 video part 3 Empty Re: 6-6-09 video part 3

Post  Izec on Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:51 pm

Warning: Wall of text below

Here's my analysis of the 6-6-09 video part 3

Match 01 - Jordan vs Michael

Jordan keeps himself protected while Michael gets way out of position and launches a high cross and a low side strike simultaneously. Jordan takes the high cross to the head and blocks the side strike with the shield while high crossing in return.

Michael is a brand new fighter and probably doesn't know that needs to protect his box; meanwhile Jordan moved the shield to intercept the strikes and returned to the open side. Good job, Jordan.

Match 02 - Jordan vs Snowyrat

Snowy closes distance by starting to move off of Jordan's center, then jukes back while throwing a double stab. Snowy's right hand stab moves Jordan's shield out of position (controlling the equipment) and his left hand stab attempts to catch Jordan in the side. But, Jordan is one of those hard to stab skinny fuckers and the stab misses while Jordan return chops his shoulder/back.

Snowy had a good idea with the angled step turned into a juke and then stabbing to move Jordan's shield out of the way, but it didn't pay off. Good effort, though.

Match 03 - Jordan vs Karen

Jordan moves forward in a half step while Karen has her shoulders squared. Jordan throws a stab while Karen attempts to avoid it by backing up and jumping. Jordan gets it, though.

Karen's reaction is probably mostly instinct. When I go frame by frame her left hand does move slightly, so she did have a reaction. She probably just needs some work on blocking stabs, which is doable.

Match 04 - Jordan vs Izec

In the full speed video you can see us adjusting our ranges before shots are thrown. Izec throws an attempted left handed 512. Jordan accepts the strike on his shield and returns to Izec's torso after his spin moved the shield out of the way.

Ugh, I personally find this quite embarrassing. I tried a left handed 512 on a right handed shield man, which is already a poor choice on my part (512s are generally thrown on righty vs righty shield men). I didn't start with any kind of fake to try to get his shield out of position and my strike ended up hitting way higher than I intended (if I had connected it probably would have hit him in the face). Jordan simply turned his body+shield to accept the shot and then waited until I was done; killing me after my spin. I should have kept my shield in position to accept his return but my inexperience with the shot got me killed. Overall, it was a bad plan and bad attempt on my part. But, hey, you learn more from losing, right? Good job, Jordan.

Match 05 - Dehonarinn vs Jordan

D steps in with a righty stab to get Jordan's shield out of position and then lefty slashes to Jordan's leg. It looks to me like the lefty slash missed, but D follows it up with a righty slash to Jordan's other leg, which connects. Jordan returns with an overhand chop and only catches Dehonarinn's arm. D then just finishes it with righty wraps over the shoulder.

D did a good job going with a three shot combo and his followups got the job done.

Match 06 - Dehonarinn vs Pluvius

D moves to Pluvius' left and keeps moving that direction while throwing toward Pluvius' left leg; moving the shield out of position. They both throw wraps and while Pluvius' only hits the arm D's takes the torso.

Good job on D for controlling Pluvius' shield and his continued movement to the that side. If D hadn't kept moving to that side Pluvius' shot would have been a shoulder and a simul.

Match 07 - Michael vs Dehonarinn

After some confusing flo vs flo shots D finally connects with lefty strike to Michael's chest.

It looks to me like Michael was swinging at D's swords as if to get them out of position while D was going more for torso or arm. Neither one of them really looked to be protecting their boxes, though.

Match 08 - Snowyrat vs Dehonarinn

Snowy throws a right handed shot at D's left arm. D blocks and returns with a lefty shot of his own, which Snowy catches on the pommel while moving back. They reset briefly and Snowy throws a righty cross stab which D dodges. D return attacks to Snowy's right arm and takes it. They reset again and then Snowy feints a high cross, then delivers the high cross while D blocks it and Snowy gets killed.

It was good that these guys were protecting with the hands on the sides that they were attacked on. However, these guys were overextending their attacks and their returns to guard were slow as a result. Snowy's high cross feint might have paid off if he hadn't actually thrown the cross he feinted. Basically, Snowy's crosses got him killed (both of his wounds came as the result of crossing). That's why crossing isn't recommended. Good job on D for not returning with crosses.

Match 09 - Karen vs Dehonarinn

Karen moves forward and slashes with a right hand and misses. D hits her with a right handed slash of his own.

D lined up with his right foot forward while Karen lined up with her left foot forward, which cause a range disparity with Karen's right hand. Because of this Karen's slash isn't within range while D's was. She should have either waited until that hand was within range to throw or thrown with her left.

Match 10 - Izec vs Dehonarinn

D steps in and goes for a double slash to Izec's left side (high cross + low slash). Izec blocks both with the shield and returns with a double shot to D's right.

D got way out of postion by over committing with the double slash to my sword side. In theory I should have blocked the shots with my sword (you are supposed to block shots to sword side with your sword), but my crossing shield block paid off and D left himself wide open to my return. D, man, try not to lean in so hard and commit that much, and don't high cross.

Match 11 - Izec vs Michael

Michael leads with a sort of high cross. Izec returns with a high cross and gets the arm. Izec presses and eventually wins.

Okay, I did a theoretical bad thing by crossing. But, Michael was leaned way over; I saw the opening and it worked. After that I just pressed and absorbed his shot with my shield (and face) and returned with a kill. Michael did well by moving towards my shield side to get out of range, but eventually I made a full commitment to close the range and got the win. I did some bad stuff (high crossing, letting my shield get out of position while throwing to Michael's right side, and then over committing) but it paid off.

Match 12 - Izec vs Snowyrat

Snowy throws a double shot at Izec's shield and Izec returns with a double arm kill.

Snowy had a good idea with throwing one shot in an attempt to control my shield then following up with a shot in a different direction, but I think he was too far out of range to capitalize on an attempt like that. Both shots ended up bouncing off the shield and left him open.

Match 13 - Izec vs Karen

Karen throws a right handed slash to Izec's leading left leg. Izec throws a double arm shot while falling and gets the win.

Karen basically crossed low, hit my leg, and I got the kill. I went down on the knee despite taking the shot in my armor (habit) and returned with a double arm tap to her now open right side. Karen should have thrown the shot with her left (it was closer to my leg) and kept her right as defense. She did keep her left as defense and caught part of a block, but not enough to prevent getting hit. I'm guessing that Karen isn't used to throwing shots with her left. She did a good job trying for an unexpected shot and getting the hit, but the cross got her killed.

Match 14 - Izec vs Dehonarinn

Izec moves forward and D throws a double shot to Izec's shield. Izec returns with a double shot kill to D's right.

I initiated the encounter by moving forward and moving my shield out for two reasons; to cut off his angles of attack and get him to throw at the distraction. It worked and the movement caused D to react and he attacks it with both weapons, which I deflect. We both move clockwise and I get the kill with a double shot. D did well by moving to my shield side away from my weapon, but my old man dirty fighter trick of moving my shield out to distract him and bait a reaction worked.

Match 15 - Jordan vs Izec

Izec bashes and high crosses, and gets his with Jordan's same side slash to the arm. However, Izec has armor and returns to Jordan's arm. They reset and Jordan attempts a wrap which Izec takes with his shield and wraps Jordan in return.

I bashed to open Jordan up and then did a bad thing by high crossing hoping the bash would pull his shield far enough out of position. It didn't work and my return to guard wasn't fast enough. I took some of his hit on my shield but more of it got through and hit me in forearm, which was covered by my bracer. I return on his arm. We reset and his wrap to my shield side was intercepted and I return wrapped. Jordan did well to capitalize on my high cross mistake, but my armor saved me and I got the win after all.

Match 16 - Jacob vs Izec

Izec takes Jacob's arm with a left handed strike. Jacob returns with a right hand but Izec absorbs it with the shield an throws again for the kill.

This one is pretty straight forward. I aggressed and got around Jacob's defense to take his arm. His return was negated by my shield and then I double hit for the win. Jacob did well by returning a shot, but I kept my shield where it needed to be and won.

Match 17 - Pluvius vs Izec

Pluvius throws a low same side shot which Izec blocks and returns with a high cross, to no effect. Izec throws a same side and backs out and they eventually reset. Pluvius presses the attack and gets the wrap over Izec's shield for the kill.

Ugh, again I cross. Almost got it, but still, I shouldn't have. After I throw again Pluvius just catches me sleeping and I die. Good job, Pluv.

Match 18 - Pluvius vs Jordan

Jordan throws low at Pluvius' leg then follows up with a high cross (shield blocked). Pluvius return crosses (shield blocked) and windmills around for a same side which misses. Jordan then return crosses and it look like it hits (off frame) and then follows up with a same side hit.

Basically, it degenerated into a high cross fight and Jordan eventually got the better of Pluvius. Don't high cross.


So, that concludes my analysis. Whew, that took a long time. I hope to get the other two videos into slow motion soon so that we can go over them more closely.



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6-6-09 video part 3 Empty Re: 6-6-09 video part 3

Post  Dehonarinn on Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:08 pm

yeah I notice I lean too much and stick my butt back to far, in my head I know I am trying to extend my reach or go for a lower shot. I am going to try to work on bending my knees more and keeping my back striaght,


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6-6-09 video part 3 Empty Re: 6-6-09 video part 3

Post  Casimir on Sat Jun 13, 2009 5:13 am

Cool that you analyzed all of this. Look forward to the analysis of part one so I can see what I am doing wrong. aside from just being a bad fighter.

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6-6-09 video part 3 Empty Re: 6-6-09 video part 3

Post  Bromhir on Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:14 am

Yeah I need to find the time to come visit, because our resident Dag guys stop showing.

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6-6-09 video part 3 Empty Re: 6-6-09 video part 3

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