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Adois, amigos~ Empty Adois, amigos~

Post  Izakd Inedikey on Tue Mar 23, 2010 11:05 am

So yeah. Next Monday, I'm moving to Seattle. I REALLY want to go to practice one last time before then, for multiple reasons.

A) I haven't gone in a long time. B|
2) I dunno what to do with all my weapons. I was thinking of selling them or something, I dunno.
3) I'm fairly certain there aren't any Dagorhir groups up there, plus, I'm gonna be quite busy, getting my shiz rolling, tending to my lady, cleaning the apartment I'm moving into, and whooping ass on XBox360 with my roommate-to-be.

I wouldn't mind seeing you all one last time.
Besides, you can all get the chance to thwap me in the face a few more times before I leave. That...came out naughtier than intended.

One final thing. Probly during the summer, I'll come back down to y'all and throw down a wee bit. I'll do other crap, but I'll throw down with you dudes. *nod*
Izakd Inedikey
Izakd Inedikey

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Adois, amigos~ Empty Re: Adois, amigos~

Post  pluvius ceribus on Wed Mar 24, 2010 9:25 pm

Well if I don't see you on Sat. I hope you have fun in Seattle, and hope you get your "shiz" rolling. LOL.

pluvius ceribus

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